Or rather, submission guidelines! Read everything before submitting — you’ll be held to it.


  1. Synopses should be at max 1500 words, but we prefer about two to three sentences (think your average IMDB or Amazon summary). If you go over, we’ll ditch the rest and make up our own ending.
  2. Include your name and any contact info you’d like us to include/specifically mention on the show.
  3. You can submit synopses either via the form below, or on our periodic “Enter the Thunderdome” posts, where listeners can upvote their favorite synopses and we’ll work on the winner.
  4. Synopses can be serious or cracktastic — we’ll discuss either, and work on them the same way. Any story can be good; any story can be changed.

Elevator Pitches:

  1. Twitter rules: 140 characters or less. No threads — if you go beyond a single tweet, we’ll ditch the rest and make up our own ending.
  2. The only place to submit elevator pitches is via Twitter, at @nostoryissacred
  3. Pitches (or log lines) are different from synopses. It’s an idea that you’re throwing out to see what we make of it. We’ll come up with a story from there.

Suggested Stories:

  1. If you’ve got a piece of media you’d like to see us take a crack at (book, game, movie, short story, etc.), you can tweet or submit via email at
  2. No guarantees that we’ll do it, though.


  • Just because you submit, doesn’t mean we’ll engage.
  • If you submit, you’re allowing us to post your unedited synopsis/pitch to our site so that others can read it. You’ll be credited based on the name you provide on the form below, including on-air, in the podcast description, and on the website.
  • We totally encourage you to use any ideas we throw around — that’s half the point of this exercise.
  • Nobody’s going to steal your idea. If someone wants to write the same thing, they’re going to do it differently than you, because all y’all are different people. The Sibling Cabal is as close to an identical writing group as you can get, and we still come up with different variations on the same text. So don’t worry about it.
  • Some of the Siblings also write. We are also not interested in stealing your ideas. We have more ideas than we could ever write in a lifetime, and then we make up even more just for fun.
  • If you’re truly worried about getting your shit stolen, then this probably isn’t the best place to submit your ideas.
  • We don’t pay you for any of this; we’re not a publisher. At the end of the day, though, this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. Which means…
  • Our engaging with your story DOES NOT mean that you’ll get bought or published.
  • Finally: We do not promise to be nice. About you as an author– sure. But about your story? Nah. No story is sacred. Every story can be changed (and, very frequently, should be). Your characters can be roasted; your plot could be maligned; we might scrap the whole thing and start over. Complaints about our treatment will be set alight and be used to roast marshmallows.

Happy submitting!