Episode 0: Teaser!

We have achieved a teaser! The content itself is from our first episode where we discuss Star Trek: Into Darkness and what we’d do to fix it. You can listen below, turn on closed captioning, or read the transcript. Enjoy!


Kat: What we’re doing is we’re setting about how we each would fix it, and try to do it from an almost– a working writer’s perspective. You know, so, practical changes that address
both the story and also what you’re attempting to do with the audience.

Pippin: Oh, are we trying to be practical? Well, uh…

Kat: Money is no object.

Brendan: Well, these are all first drafts.

Kat: Yeah…

[sound effect]

Kat: One of the big things with the first movie was Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor, and this was theoretically a fix for that– but not really, was it. Uhura’s position ends up being relegated to essentially a useless conversation with Klingons, because it goes nowhere and they all get shot up– and fighting with Spock. That’s it.

Alex: And, to point out: Her conversation ended with her getting choked. So, you know, that’s a positive image.

Pippin: Ugh.

Kat: There you go. I forgot that, yeah. So, I mean, you can keep all of these major plot devices, you can keep the, you know, structure– I don’t know, it’s how you frame them. And you can even bring back the question of “what would you do for your family,” because honor and family and– they’re really important to Klingons.

[sound effect]

Brendan: And so I was keeping a lot of that thing of, like, starting shit with the Klingons
in order to make a false flag attack and thus actually, essentially, start a war with the Klingons and get himself more power, because what does a person in power want… but more of it.

Kat: To be fair, I will say that actually, that was something that I liked enough that I wish that they had developed better.

[sound effect]

Alex: So: have the Enterprise crew– send them off to Kronos– on a diplomatic mission.

Brendan: Ooh.

Kat: Okay. Oh, that’s nice. Bringing the point of the Federation, good.

Pippin: And remember, the Enterprise is meant to be nerdy scientists and diplomats– they’re not actually– the Enterprise is not actually military.

[sound effect]

Pippin: But the thing is, Scotty and Carol were on the Vengeance at the same time. Carol could very easily have been the one to sabotage the ship in some way. She could have done something useful while in enemy territory and made her loyalties straight-up known.

[sound effect]

Brendan: That was just a small sample of what we’re going to be doing on No Story Is Sacred. Look forward to us launching the podcast on August 16th, 2017. Until then, you can check out our website at NoStoryIsSacred.com. Thanks for listening!