About the Sibling Cabal

Who are you?

We’re four siblings in real life: Brendan Macdonald, Pippin Macdonald, Alex Macdonald, and Kat Crighton. Brendan is an engineer; Pippin is a librarian; Alex does robots; and Kat used to be in publishing and has been published herself.

Did you really come from a writing family?

Yep– our parents have been full-time genre writers for over thirty years. We grew up with this.

Why did you start a podcast?

If you get us all into a room (or over the phone), we almost inevitably start taking apart stories. Kat pitched the idea of a podcast doing just that, and the siblings went all-in immediately.

How do you record the podcast?

Four separate mics, in four separate locations. Brendan then takes our separate recordings and edits them together (and down, because good golly, we talk). We have a group chat that we use daily, and a shared drive that we upload materials to.

How can I support the podcast?

We’re currently have a Patreon page. Patrons get things like extended episodes, scans of our notes, full plot outlines when we make up our own, unaired episodes… Donations get turned into better equipment, hosting fees, and other fun practicalities.

I have more questions!

Cool! Send us an email, and we’ll either answer here or on the podcast.